Style Note: The Isabella Oliver Cape

Posted by London Darling

Yesterday was one of those cold and breezy days in London when you really need something warm and snug to wrap up in. And what better way to wrap up than in a cape. It's the perfect alternative to a winter coat. I received this beautiful one as a Christmas Gift from one of my favourite labels Isabella Oliver.

Isabella Oliver Cape

London Fashion Week Diary: BODYAMR

Posted by London Darling

The BODYAMR show was one that I was particularly looking forward to, and it was well worth the wait. The signature draping that I love still played a huge role in the collection as an abundance of luxe fabrics and beaded embellishment.


Giveaway: Win Tickets to the 2010 Vitality Show!

Posted by London Darling

The lovely team at Vitality are treating three lucky readers to a pair of free tickets! Running from 18th-21st March in London’s Earls Court 2, Vitality is the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and wellbeing event for women.

WIN Vitality tickets

Beauty Buzz: Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

Posted by London Darling

I recently changed my beauty regime to include the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser. It's been just six days, and already I've seen a noticeable difference in the clarity of my complexion and the texture of my skin.

Liz Earle Skincare

Pretty Stylish London has two fabulous Benefit products to giveaway. One lucky reader will win Benefit Boiing - the industrial-strength concealer (in shade 02), perfect for hiding dark circles, shadows and discoloration. And Brows a-go-go; the all-in-one brow and eye shaping kit.

So fingers at the ready to enter this quick fire competition! To be in with a chance of winning you must be following the blog - simply leave a comment telling us why you'd love to have these two Benefit beauty essentials. Ready, set, GO!

Winner picked Monday 8th March
For more information on Benefit cosmetics visit:

45 Response to "Giveaway: WIN! Benefit Goodies"

  1. Tillie Said,

    I totally think I should win cause I need AWESOME new makeup!! :) lol


  2. LV Said,

    I would love to win these Benefit treats because Benefit is my all time fave brand and I am in concealer limbo land at the moment. I am using the last of one that is so old the brand name has even faded!!!Would love a brow a go go as at the age of 34 I have NEVER used a shaper and need to embrace this asap!! Thanks Pretty Stylish xx


  3. Liz Randell Said,

    Wow, brilliant giveaway-I love Benefit cosmetics! I'd love to win these two because I've just lost 5 stone and I'm in need of a new look...both Boiing and Brows a-go-go would be perfect to start me on my way!xx


  4. Miss Virtue Said,

    I'd love to be in with a chance of winning these as I've never tried Benefit products before, but have heard great things about them. Although from fair skinned ladies so I'd be interested to see how it works on darker tones.


  5. Lydia Said,

    Hi! I'd like to have those Benefit Goodies, simply because I've heard so many raves about the brand and it is not sold in Italy. Unfortunately, buying that on their site is not an option for me, as all the US to Italy cosmetics are being held at customs (personal experience!).

    so, thank you for this opportunity!


  6. Vixen Said,

    I'd LOVE to win these because the eyes are the windows to the soul, and they always need to look their best! (Oh and I LOVE Benefit naturally and don't have nearly enough of it)


  7. Rhamnousia Said,

    I'd like to win these items because I've heard nothing but good things about the concealer (but have never had a chance to buy it as it's never in stock at my local Benefit counter) and the little eye shaping kit would be perfect to carry about and do your makeup once you're at work (if, like me, you like to get in as much sleep as possible)


  8. Lizzie Said,

    I would love to win this because I am always looking for something good to cover up my dark circles and also my eyebrows need some MAYJOR help, and this would be perfect!
    I am also a follower of your blog, thanks! ecmorris(at)usc(dot)edu


  9. keyice Said,

    Since Benefit is giving away 2 products, I will give you two reasons :-)

    (1) I am a professional in the city and these products are perfect for a clean and natural look and it is suitable for everyday wear.

    (2) I have started wearing makeup last year and would love to try Benefit's products (I am using all Bobbi Brown products now).


  10. Shaim Said,

    I love to have this set as i never find a good eyebrow shaping set till now love to have it
    Does it open internationally


  11. The packaging is wonderful,with the retro fifties imagery, and the make up is good too.


  12. May Said,

    I'd love to have the brow kit because my brows are pretty sparse...and there are no good brow kits in my drugstore and I'm not willing to go allllll the way to the mall to get myself a good quality brow kit! :)



  13. Anonymous Said,

    my brows ALWAYS have to look good and Brows a-go-go is something I think will make them look even better! As for hiding dark circles, with all the time I spend working late at night, I definitely need a concealer to make me look fresh again! LOVE benefit's style too


  14. Shortiee31 Said,

    I have never used Benefit products before as I have always wondered whether if it would suit darker skin tones. I would love the oppoturnity to try it out and not run the risk of totally wasting my pennys! :)


  15. tralala Said,

    I would love to have those two Benefit beauty essentials simply because their a MUST-HAVE :)


  16. t Said,

    I believe that great make up products can make me feel confident and beautiful while accentuating beauty. The brow kit appears to be in wonderful quality, so I would really enjoy using it if I have this chance!


  17. Jules Said,

    I would love to win this because Benefit cosmetics are amazing! I need these to help me look beautiful and well rested, (which I am definitely not, since I'm a nurse)! & I follow via friend connect! :)


  18. Allison Said,

    WOW! Great giveaway!!!!! Why I would love to have some benefit ask?? Well, I have to say that I have been eyeing them at the store for some time now but I have yet to buy some! If I win it would just make my day...well week!!

    leman.amy at gmail dot com


  19. Mistylynn Said,

    I would love to win this to learn how to hide the unsightly dark circles under my eyes.


  20. Vittoria Said,

    I'm a follower! I need both these products to lighten up my face...the winter makes me tired-looking!


  21. I would love to win these to help me tame my unruly brows that are a proper embarassment to tweezers everywhere. The concealer is a happy bonus!


  22. allison Said,

    I think this might be a coincidence?1?! Just yesterday I was looking to sprucing up my makeup and looked up some of their products online!!
    my fingers are crossed!
    fab giveaway! thanks!!!

    strawberryshortcake_85 at hotmail dot com


  23. Ali Said,

    Well, my brows need help and I've been a fan of Benefit since I was 11!


  24. I'm a follower.

    Number one: I have industrial strength dark circles, so "Boing" would be perfect for me.
    Number two: Brows are SO important to your look and mine could use a good shaping. This kit sounds awesome!

    valhoff3 at yahoo dot com


  25. Maria B Said,

    well, eventhough im into makeup and fashion, i have never heard of Benefit products! So it would be really nice to win and actually see for myself what all these other girls are talking about.

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  26. Kelly Said,

    I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect concealer, and I've heard Benefit is awesome so I'd love to give it a try. And I don't even want to get into my raggedy brows.


  27. These are 2 Benefit products I've not tried yet so I'd love to get the chance. That and it would brighten up my Monday to win something!


  28. Cheeky Said,

    I'd love to win for the Brows a-go-go I hate my eyebrows! I've had them threaded and professionally shaped, I've tried (I thought) every brow box known to man, and I'm still never happy! I'm using an Urban Decay brow box at the moment, which is pretty good, but still doesn't quite get them looking shapely enough! Would love to try the Benefit one, as I love their products!


  29. Macbella2 Said,

    I would love to win this because I can always use new products to help me look less tired. As a mom of 4, concealer and anything that opens up my eyes is a lifesaver! thanks for the giveaway! :)


  30. ali991 Said,

    I would love these. I really need a good concealer and I have never found a really good eyebrow kit so would love to give these a go. Plus it would make my day :)


  31. liloo Said,

    Ok, this is me plucking my courage to enter this. I would love to win these products because I've never owned anything as posh as that. We don't have a benefit shop in my town, not a debenhams. This is a very generous giveaway. I'd like to thank pennygolightly to have had spread the word about it on twitter xx @tsunimee


  32. VALERIE Said,

    I'd love to win because I'd really benefit from using these Benefit goodies

    VictoriaPlum953 on Twitter


  33. Said,

    I LOVE their branding! I also think it's a fantastic product.


  34. MarciaF Said,

    I've tried a lot of great Benefit but not these. I read about them all the time though.


  35. Surge Said,

    I follow, I love makeup and I've needed concealer for a while
    thanks for the chance!



  36. Shelly Said,

    I would love to try Benefit products
    michelejdaley at gmail dot com


  37. STYLEEZTA Said,

    I would LOVE to win these two items because they would be the perfect products to make me look my best. My worst feature are my dark circles and without concealer I look about 10 years older. NOBODY wants that! OH NOT I!! And my best feature are my eyebrows. I get lots of great complements on them and Benefit Brows A-Go-Go is the best product out there for perfecting brows :)


  38. Katrina K. Said,

    I would love to have these benefit goodies! My wedding is just around the corner and this would be an amazing wedding gift!!! Can't have dark circles under my eyes on my honeymoon, now can I? :) lol


  39. Jennifer Said,

    I follow your blog.
    cspmom at gmail dot com


  40. Jennifer Said,

    I would love to have these two products because I have two trouble spots that I can't find products that work to correct them...dark circles under the eyes and my crazy brows! Industrial strength sound like it is just what I need for those dark circles and the all-in-one brow kit-a must try!
    cspmom at gmail dot com


  41. MJ Said,

    I love Benefit's Bo-ing! It was my favorite concealer. I've wanted to try their brow set for a long time...



  42. tinagirl Said,

    I'm following this blog - Tina Barker


  43. tinagirl Said,

    I desperately need a good under-eye concealer and 02 is the perfect shade for me. As for the brows, I've never really known quite how to shape them
    so I'm sure this kit would work wonders for me!!
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com


  44. DG Said,

    I would love to have these because they would help with dark circles and they are wonderful looking kits!



  45. MV Said,

    Would love to win this!


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