Style Note: The Isabella Oliver Cape

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Yesterday was one of those cold and breezy days in London when you really need something warm and snug to wrap up in. And what better way to wrap up than in a cape. It's the perfect alternative to a winter coat. I received this beautiful one as a Christmas Gift from one of my favourite labels Isabella Oliver.

Isabella Oliver Cape

London Fashion Week Diary: BODYAMR

Posted by London Darling

The BODYAMR show was one that I was particularly looking forward to, and it was well worth the wait. The signature draping that I love still played a huge role in the collection as an abundance of luxe fabrics and beaded embellishment.


Giveaway: Win Tickets to the 2010 Vitality Show!

Posted by London Darling

The lovely team at Vitality are treating three lucky readers to a pair of free tickets! Running from 18th-21st March in London’s Earls Court 2, Vitality is the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and wellbeing event for women.

WIN Vitality tickets

Beauty Buzz: Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

Posted by London Darling

I recently changed my beauty regime to include the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser. It's been just six days, and already I've seen a noticeable difference in the clarity of my complexion and the texture of my skin.

Liz Earle Skincare
RiverIsland AW09 - Amber Satin Dress

The high street's interpretation of seasonal trends is always interesting to see and I'm particularly impressed with River Island's approach to AW09. Featuring jewel hues, graphic prints and directional shapes, the store's latest collection has a distinctly luxurious feel.

Like a wonderland of Winter luxe, the collection combines opulent textures and richly coloured fabrics with modern tailoring and directional shapes. Paying homage to Britsh and International designers, the new pieces take on the prowess of Balmain, the feminine grandeur of Graeme Black and the luxury layers of Jaeger London.

My choice of stand-out pieces begins with this dazzling Amber satin dress in the intense purple hue. It's shape is voluptuous and powerful, for a look that will undoubtedly make an impact. The Erin taffeta skirt and Jupiter Shell top is also a head turning match, whist the faux faur jacket worn with the fringe leather skirt and acid wash hoodie is beautifully eclectic and so nomadesque. However, my favourite piece has to be the Jackson Dress with statement shoulders, graphic print and body con paneling. It's definitely on my style radar. To see the new collection click here.

RiverIsland AW09 - Faux Faur Jacket
Faux faur jacket, fringe leather skirt and acid wash hoodie

RiverIsland AW09 - Erin taffeta skirt
Erin taffeta skirt and Jupiter Shell top

RiverIsland AW09 -  The Jackson Dress
The Jackson Dress

Acid wash hoodie - £29.99
Erin taffeta skirt - £34.99
Faux faur jacket - £69.99
Fringe leather skirt - £85.00
Jackson Dress - £49.99
Jupiter Shell top - £29.99

Londoners Through a Lens 02

Getty Images Gallery
Admission: Free

The latest exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery presents a stirring selection of rare images capturing the cultural, sociopolitical history of London. Photographs were taken from Getty's Hulton Archive and covers 90 years of London style, from 1900 to 1990.

I love how the images capture the changing scene through the twentieth century. Celebrities featured include Elton John, the late Eartha Kit and the Sex Pistols. It's a compelling showcase and worth the visit. Exhibition ends September 12th.

Londoners Through a Lens 01

Getty Images Gallery
46 Eastcastle St,
London, W1W 8DX

Tel: 020 7291 5380
Destination Skin

After trying the Smooth Shapes treatment for cellulite last month, I was out to discover another beauty fix and curious to know if there was a treatment out there to combat stretch marks. The online beauty community Wahanda introduced me to Microneedle Therapy now available at Destination Skin.

Now to say that I'm not a fan of needles is putting it likely, but I wasn't about to let nerves get the better of me. Microneedle Therapy is a natural rejuvenation method; non-surgical treatment that with regular use can be beneficial to various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. Industry experts claim it to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Key to the therapy is the Microneedle roller, a type of medical tool with anything from 200 and more needles that as you might have guessed, are rolled and gently pressed onto the skin to create tiny pricks as it moves. Essentially, it injures the skin's surface, stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken the skin. This process works to help smooth scaring.

Microneedle Roller

It sounded incredibly interesting, if not a little too good to be true. But what particularly appealed to me was the fact that the recovery time for this treatment was super fast - more so that than dermabrasion and laser treatments that can take more time than the 1-2 days Microneedle therapy requires. And if it can reduce the likes of stretch marks and scarring (my two pet beauty hates) I was going to give it a try.

Initially, the feeling of the needles on my skin took some time to get used to. It was a sensation I wasn't used to and to be honest, I didn't like it very much but after a while, the prickling sensation became less noticeable. As the roller was moved up and long my thighs and hips, I could feel my skin becoming warm. The therapist informed me that the warming sensation was a good sign, it meant that the treatment was working.

Lasting 40 minutes, the treatment left no discomfort afterwards, which was great. I was able to wear my jeans out, just as I had arrived, with no worry of irritation.

The next day, my skin felt a little itchy where tiny scratches had appeared on the surface that the roller had been used. However, this was part of the healing process, and after a couple of days my skin had calmed. Three weeks on, the stretch marks that were targeted certainly feel smoother and less prominent, even if they are still visible.

My verdict is that Microneedle therapy isn't a quick fix and it doesn't bear instant results, however, it's far kinder to the skin than laser therapy and the more intense dermabrasion treatments available. It can be used anywhere on the body. All in all, it's a safer alternative for those who have very sensitive skin and for that reason I'd much prefer a course of this treatment than any other option. Prices start from £150. A course of three treatments will cost £360.

See the latest Destination Skin offers and discounts at Wahanda.

Destination Skin
House of Fraser

Westfield Shopping Centre

W12 7GA

Tel: 020 3372 6453

Yesterday, I was in Covent Garden for an introduction to Remi Nicole's new album, and an afternoon of pampering and beauty talk. Whilst having makeup applied at Jelly Pong Pong, the nouveau rockabilly pop songstress from London was the epitome of laid-back cool, donning a casual ensemble of peg leg jeans, a pale cotton vest and converse boots.

You may remember her debut record My Conscience and I back in 2006. It presented a breezy mixture of indie rock and acoustic pop. However her second album; Cupid Shoot Me, hitting the stores on the 7th of September is far more soulful. I wanted to find out about the inspirations behind her new sound. As we ate cupcakes and tested beauty products, she explained:

"This is my real debut. I didn't know myself when I was 23. It was a challenging time. Now I feel like I know who I am and I know what I want, and that's making the whole process of being a musician, a lot easier."

On the prominent topic of love that remains a consistent basis throughout the 11 track playlist, she is quick to point out that the music (written and produced by herself) is not about being in love, it's about feeling a lack of love. Using the album as a personal outlet for her emotions and a narration of a difficult period in her life, Remi wrote the songs as an autobiographical account of her experiences over the last two years.

I heard a taster of her sophomore release, I think she does well to create musical magic out of what she describes as difficult circumstances. The song Come Find Me is incredibly soulful in the sweetest way possible and Standing Tears Apart (my personal favourite) mixes playful reggae with an infectious pop melody.

Whilst the music is oftentimes catchy and upbeat, Remi wants to make clear it's really quite a dark album and though the album may have dark undertones, I'm confident that Remi Nicole is sure to have a far brighter future. Already quite the scenester and known for her friendships with Amy Winehouse and Alexa Chung, her persona was anything but diva. She was very down to earth and I found at ease as she signed autographs and made conversation with some of her younger fans (including my niece). It was lovely to have met her and I wish her every success.


Remi Nicole

The moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived - Kirsty Doyle's latest collection is now complete and what a style offering it is. Consider it a power dressing fiesta with classic appeal and cutting edge shapes if you will. The 2006 Project Catwalk winner hasn't disappointed with 10 stunning noir and ivory pieces.

Bordering on a capsule collection, the Ivory Quartz Jacket is quite a show stopper; a luxurious mix of cashmere wool and raw silk. It drapes beautifully. The Silk Ivory Pleat Shift, is a must-have for work and play. The Origami Peaked Shoulder Jacket is one of my favourites; featuring strong shoulders, sharp detailing and great versatility. However, the piece I'm most excited about is the Black Pleated Jumpsuit, and for this I can't say much more than yes, Yes, YES.

See the full collection online at



My Wardrobe
Exclusive stockists of Kirsty Doyle womenswear.
Candy Coated Canvas - London Miles Gallery

For cutting edge contemporary art, you'll find the London Miles Gallery the ideal place to satisfy your artistic cravings. Based in Notting Hill, the venue specialises in Lowbrow, Pop surrealism, illustration, fine art and pays homage to the New contemporary art movement.

The gallery adapts to the ever changing art market and is reluctant to shy away from controversy. The latest exhibition on show is no exception. The collection of pieces from established and emerging international talent forms a 'naughty but nice' presentation entitled Candy Coated Canvas.

Featuring art by the likes of Tiffany Liu, Jade Klara and KuKula, Candy Coated Canvas is a colourful and playful visual delight, evoking memories of childhood, sweets, fantasy lands and adult guilty pleasures. The grand opening on the July 24th was a great success and the sweet wonderland of artwork is available for public viewings until August 24th.

Or And The Ghost Teddies - Kukula

Fly Panda Fly - Jade Klara

London Miles Gallery
212 Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill, W11 1NR
London, UK
Tel: 020 7727 4447
Marjan Pejoski Look Book AW09 - 3

Well, it's time to start looking to the future and I'm excited about the new season, more so now that I've seen the latest collection from Marjan Pejoski. The designer of national and international acclaim, does fashion lovers proud with his latest style offering. Behind his work is the philosophy that pieces should look individual, make an impact and continually inspire the imagination of those who wear and those who see them.

The new designs are so 1980s London punk; there's a vintage edge about his work whist tying in contemporary ideas with lace prints and interesting appliqué. The collection screams "I predict a riot" with its gingham and leather combination but still oozes standout sophistication. I love how the pieces have been styled with staple brocade shoe boots and don't you agree that the cowboy boots add a quirky, fun element?

It's safe to say that Pejoski is an incredibly talented designer, with awards in jewellery and shoe design as well as completing a BA in womenswear at Central St. Martins School of Art and Design. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this designer from now on, care to join me?


Marjan Pejoski Look Book AW09 - 1

Marjan Pejoski Look Book AW09 - 4

Marjan Pejoski Look Book AW09 - 2

Last week I tried a new facial that uses 100% natural elements to rival the results of invasive dermabrasion. Using tiny droplets of water via a high air pressured jet, layers of skin are gently removed, revealing a fresh complexion and supple skin. The treatment is called hydrodermabrasion and aims to improve skin problems such as acne, scarring and wrinkles.

It works as a natural 'peel', offering an alternative to convention dermabrasion techniques that can often require skin recovery downtime. With hydrodermabrasion you can literally have the treatment and go about your day.

For acne, the treatment is tailored with Vitamin C infused water to help settle and calm the breakouts, and for scarring, therapists use an intensive scar repair solution to speed up the skin's healing process. All products used are created by REN Skincare, free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

I wanted to try this treatment because I've had a terrible bout of acne this year. Hormonal changes have really taken toll on my chin and I've been battling with pimples and blemishes for over 6 months. I've tried a great number of facials during this time including an lovely organic treatment in February. However, I'm convinced that monthly sessions of this treatment would work wonders for my skin. After one session my skin literally glowed, and I found my skin was no longer over producing sebum, which is the root cause of my breakouts. I was impressed that my skin stayed matte for several days after and active blemishes quickly dried down.

I would recommend trying this, if like me, you're experiencing relentless breakouts. Available exclusively at independent organic spa hydrohealing, facials cost between £80 and £85 for a tailored, 60 minute treatment.

hydrohealing spa london

216a Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill Gate
London W11 1NR
Tel: 020 7727 2570

Isabella Oliver Multiway Maxi Dress Winner: Mushine


A warm congratulations to Pretty Stylish London reader Muhsine, who won the highly sought after Multiway Maxi dress worth £180 courtesy of Isabella Oliver.

The self-confessed makeup addict has a fantastic fashion and beauty blog Bubblegarm, you really need to check out it out. I always love to see what the north London Ms. is wearing for her face of the day. I love the colour you picked - blue is going to look fabulous.

Have fun wearing it Muhsine!

Isabella Oliver Multiway Maxi Dress

About Isabella Oliver
The Isabella Oliver 365 women’s wear collection has been created for the modern multitasking woman in fabrics that flatter. Iconic ready-to-wear clothing for easy chic that works from am to pm. Whatever the occasion, Isabella Oliver 365 offers versatile ladies wear that mixes classic design with contemporary details; perfect for selecting a must-have LBD (little black dress) or updating essential work wear. Style for wherever life may take you.


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Liberty Cupcakes and Cocktails Events

Every last Thursday of the month
Time: 6-8pm
Admission: £15 per person

Liberty is hosting a new beauty event entitled Cocktails and Cupcakes. The series of beauty and well-being evenings are taking place every last Thursday of the month until November.

Guests will have the opportunity to sample ‘most wanted’ skincare products from top cosmetic ranges, sip on tea-infused Martinis unique to each event and nibble on their famous cupcakes. Sounds delicious. Oh and there'll be fabulous goody bags.

‘Cupcakes & Cocktails’ evenings’ schedule:
Smart, Sassy, Sexy – make up for contemporary gal...
27th August
(featuring Cherry Sencha Martini)

Something about Eve...
24th September
(featuring Creten Mountain Martini)

Ladies, refine your smell buds...
29th October
(featuring Anastasia Martini)

For tickets please contact Freya on:
Tel: 0207 734 1234 ext 2602

TEA room
Liberty Store,

Regent Street
London W1B 5AH
Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel

As central London locations go, you couldn't possibly be more in the mix than at the Radison Edwardian Hampshire hotel in Leicester Square. Directly in the square and within walking distance of some of London's key destinations - Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and Soho.

Despite being right in the middle of London's major tourist zone, the hotel does well to keep the hustle and bustle outside. From the subdued reception, with its muted, sultry earth tones right through to the spacious cosy bedrooms, There's a real feeling of RnR as soon as you're on the inside.

Attentive, friendly staff are on hand and happy to help. With a trendy bar which is open to all and a restaurant menu that is practical and affordable. The Radisson Hampshire is an ideal location for a stay in London town or meeting point with friends.

Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel - Bedroom

Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel - Restuarant

Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel

Leicester Square,
London WC2H 7LH
Tel: 020 7839 9399
Media Mingles  - Cocktail

Date: Friday 7th August
Time: 6:30pm
Location: 23 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AQ
Admission: £5.00

If the idea of speed dating or singles night leave you cringing, get ready for a new event launching tomorrow that promises to do away with dodgy gongs, name badges and the general embarrassment. Kathryn Camsey, a media personality and TV presenter, has set up Media Mingles. The monthly soirees set in an exclusive private members club will give media and creative professionals the chance to network with with like minded individuals, who just so happen to not be in a relationship.

As a long-standing match maker herself, Camsey have always had a talent for 'connecting' people and is hoping to play cupid on a larger scale through her networking events. With already 150 tickets sold, there'll be canapes, bubbly and a cosy amount of single people to meet. Innocent smoothies, Benefit Makeup and Bendicks chocolates' aptly named mingles are included in the luxury goody bag for guests.

Media Mingles
has been declared a couple-free zone, so if you're working in the media or creative industry and single, this could be the opportunity to increase your contact list and you may even be struck by Cupid's arrow, or is that Camsey's?

Tickets are still available at:
Next Model Competition Winners

A big congratulations to Kiren Modi and Dan Clarke who battled it out among 50 contestants and won the prestigious Make me the Next Model competition last week Thursday. The two winners will feature in future issues of the Next Directory and have hopefully started a fantastic modelling career.

The event staged at a secret venue in central London was an exciting soirée with a fashion-led panel of judges including the beautiful Emanuela De Paula - face of Next and Brazilian Model extraordinaire. The contestants showed us what they were made of, Flawless (of Britain's Got Talent fame) rocked the venue with their body popping street dance and the AW09 fashion show had me scribbling frantically about black sequins and primary brights (more about that later).

Next Model Contestants 2009

I have great respect for the 50 contestants who made it through to the final. Rumour has it that they all had to learn catwalk routines, master their signature walk and grasp the backstage pressure just hours before the show started. Nerves certainly would have got the better of me, but the finalists did well to hide any sign of intimidation and all did brilliantly given the short time span.

The night ended with good food and an invitation to the dance floor, which I happily accepted.
Here are some photos of the event:

Contestants backstage
Contestants in Backstage Makeup

Emanuella = Face of Next
Model and Judge Emmanuella De Pauala (left)

Flawless in motion

DJ - Next Model Competition Event
Event DJ

Event Guests
Stylish guests at the show reception
Veeraswamy - The oldest surviving Indian Restaurant in London

Recently I had the pleasure of dining at Veeraswamy - the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in the UK. Established since 1926, it's a London institution and from the moment you enter, you realise why the restaurant has had such staying power.

The warm welcome and stylish waiting service is just one of the highlights. It was refreshing to engage with staff who listened tentatively to my requirements, always on hand with a wealth of suggestions - based on my personal culinary desires and not merely a plug of the day's special.

The menu featured a good range of flavous, including classic favourites such as Kashmiri Rogan Josh and coastal specialties like Sea Bream Paturi steamed with chili and mustard. The food was nicely displayed but not too fussy and the wine menu has been handpicked to compliment by Matthew Jukes, a leading wine author.

I found the restaurant to be an exotic feast both in taste and interior. With a pleasing balance of traditional and contemporary fixtures; the rich damask curtains, grand lighting, mahogany undertones and ornate details did well to transport me to Maharaja's palaces of the 1920s. Yet the modern sculptural art on display brings you back to the 21st Century.

The à la carte price averaging at £55 per head for a 3 course meal including wine - a worthy investment for a truly exquisite dining experience.

Veeraswamy restaurant


Mezzanine Floor,
Victory House,
99 Regent Street,
London W1B 4RS
(entrance on Swallow Street)

Tel: 020 7734 1401

Nokia Skate Almighty

5th - 9th August 09
Location: Potters Fields, London, SE1, United Kingdom
Admission: FREE

The Nokia Skate Almighty returns, the event combines live music and an open roller disco, giving you the perfect excuse to wear hot pants or some glam 80's get up. Skates are provided at the event, but there's no harm in making a fashion statement with neon coloured rollers of your own.

Don't miss this opportunity to throw some fabulous shapes to the sounds of Littleboots, Calvin Harris, The Hoxtons plus more of the UK's hottest bands. Tickets available online. What a way to get into the groove.

Order online:
The Ugly Truth Premiere
Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler "The Ugly Truth" Los Angeles Premiere

Tuesday 4th August 09
Time: Evening (but the tradition is to get there early!)
Location: Odeon West End, Leicester Square

If you love a good romcom and enjoy the occasional celeb spotting, head down to the premier of 'The Ugly Truth' tonight. The new release, due to hit the UK screens on the 5th of August, is having the red carpet roll-out. The cast of the film are expected to make an appearance, along with much anticipated support from industry personalities and fellow movie stars.

The film stars Katherine Heigl as Abby Richter, a lovelorn TV producer who, despite a long and arduous search for the perfect mate, is hopelessly single. The battle of the sexes heats up when her employers team her up with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), an opinionated TV celebrity who plans to put Abby through the wringer to prove his own theories about what makes men and women tick.

Reviews of the film have been mixed; a few film critics have labeled it as a 'hit and miss' comedy whilst word on the net has been more positive; the general consensus being, it was better than expected. I anticipate that it'll never come close to Sex and The City or a classic like When Harry Met Sally, but I imagine it's a feel-good film with a decent story line. Something to watch with the girls before heading out for Dinner and drinks I reckon.

Mixed reviews aside, the premiere should have a good dose of eye candy by way of Eric Winter - the guy next door and eligible doctor who causes Katherine Heigl's character Abby's comical bunny boiler tenancies. Other members of the cast include Gerard Butler, John Michael Higgins, Nick Searcy, Kevin Connolly and Cheryl Hines.

The Ugly Truth Premiere 2
Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter "The Ugly Truth" Los Angeles Premiere
Photo by © Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos
, July 16, 2009

See the trailer here

NOTE: This information was sourced from All In London who receive news of film premieres from inside sources. I cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information.
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